Cindy Bastron, Virtual Assitant for Creative Entrepreneurs 

ready for a change?

Are you going to bed at night without being able to remember if you ate anything not from Starbucks (#poweredbyaproteinbox)? Did you have to turn off the red circle on your email app so you didn't break into a cold sweat every time you glanced at your phone? I have been in your shoes my friend and I am here to to tell you there is light on the other side!

While working 8 years as a luxury wedding planner in Washington, DC I had more Starbucks-fueled days than I would care to admit.  But somewhere in the middle of a caffeine and coffee cake haze I knew something needed to change in my workflow. I knew that I wanted to give each client a five star experience but I started to realize I didn't need to reinvent the wheel each time I had a task. It was okay to use the same email to request lighting contacts for two weddings at the same venue. No one would know (or care) if I used a canned email response to send out a final event timeline. 

I am here to help you use my aha moments of organizational clarity to help create the same automation and efficiency in your business! Let me take tasks off your plate so you can get back to doing what you actually dreamed of spending your day doing when you started your business (something tells me that is not email management).

Not sure where to start? Head over to services for some ideas of the tasks I can help with but feel free to think big! I want to help take anything you can dream of off your to do list (okay, except maybe grocery shopping).

still here? Want to know a bit about me?

Most days you can find me working away at my computer with some country music blaring and a never ending cup of English breakfast tea at my side. But when I am not working as a virtual assistant you can catch me exploring the new restaurant scene with my love, Andrés, having a Chipotle burrito bowl every Friday night without fail, watching reality TV (any other Flipping Out and Big Brother lovers out there?), talking to my mom on the phone (thank goodness for unlimited phone plans) or planning our next trip to Disney World.

I would love to get to know you and if you are lucky I might just share either my recipe for the perfect Chipotle burrito or my very best Disney tips and tricks.