I love helping creative entrepreneurs get a handle on their emails, their businesses and even lives.

Having spent 8 years working as a wedding planner in Washington, DC, I truly understand the struggles of creative small businesses. I understand that what makes you an amazing event designer, calligrapher or photographer is not a love of email label filters, canned responses or calendar management. I strive to serve you as a creative entrepreneur by taking those tasks off your plate so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place: your art.

Below are some services that I offer but the sky is the limit, if you need it off your to do list I would love to help (except maybe picking up your kids from school).



Is your inbox overflowing? Are you missing leads because you can't keep up with your inbox volume? With options from simply digging out from under the email clutter (no thanks to J. Crew for the twice daily emails) to creating canned responses to daily inbox management - email is my jam!

Let me help you tackle your inbox so you can better serve your clients (and, you know, maybe hit the gym a few times a week).

Out of office manager 

You know what is looking pretty good right about now...the beach? Let yourself take a vacation while I look over your inbox and business. Prior to you leaving the office we will craft a plan of action to make sure your clients feel catered to, your new leads don't go unanswered and your social media stays active. So go ahead sip on the piña colada without your phone in the other hand. 

Submission Support 

What good is the amazing creative work you are creating if no one sees it? Submission support can encompass everything from tracking down photos to submitting for publication to posting on social media.

Office logistics

The behind the scenes details of your business are just as important as the pretty pictures you post on Instagram. You can't get new clients if you don't show up for your prospective meeting. Let me help with the behind the scenes (à la Andy Sachs) so you can keep making those Instagram pictures. A few sample logistics tasks:

  • Calendar management
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoice creating and tracking

customer service

    Let's make sure that each and every client gets five star service that leaves them astounded at the value you provide. We will work together to create a work flow that leaves your clients feeling catered to and you feeling at ease with systems in place to automate your business without sacrificing service.  We will discuss your specific needs and create items like:

    • Inquiry response emails and price sheets
    • Questionnaires for client details you need to collect
    • Welcome letters for new clients
    • Timeline for client projects 

    maternity Leave support

    Take time with your new little love and family while having peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye on your business baby. We will develop a plan of action before you head to the hospital so the moment you are ready to step away I will take over the details of your business that can't wait 6 weeks - email management, new lead response, invoicing, etc. 

    event Planning Assistance

    I know, I know, events are supposed to be glamorous right? If you've started your own event firm or are planning an event for your own small business you are quickly learning that is not the case. Whether you are simply drowning in busy season and want to shorten your to do list a bit or want help long term, let me take some of those not so fun event tasks off your list such as:

    • Guest lists - template creation and management, etiquette and format review and RSVP tracking
    • Budget creation - template or specific event
    • Calligraphy mail merge
    • Invitation stuffing - from double checking the addresses to dropping them in the mail


    All pricing is customized based on your specific needs with rates beginning at $45 per hour and bulk packages available.

    Please contact me to chat about how I can help and for a quote.

    ON site Event Production Assistant

      I am not ready to throw away all of the black dresses just yet and my Tieks have a few years left in them. I would love assist you and your team onsite at any type of event - from setting up escort cards to transportation management to managing set up in a second location while you are onsite at the first. On site event production rates start at $40 per hour.